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Everything you need to know about the 20 best CBD producers in 2020

The best CBD products and CBD brands to buy in 2020

CBD is short for Cannabidiol. It is one of the chemical ingredients in the cannabis plant, which is also known as marijuana and hemp. Cannabidiol, along with other chemicals like THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), is found naturally in the hemp and marijuana species of the cannabis plant. Of these two, THC is the one that gives you high when smoking or eating marijuana products. Cannabidiol is responsible for giving us a relaxing and calming feel without the high that we get from THC. It is found most abundantly in hemp. The U.S. federation passed a bill recently to make it “federally” legal to possess CBD products.

CBD is obtained in the form of an oil extracting it from the cannabis plant – usually, the hemp strain of the cannabis plant as it possesses higher amounts of CBD than marijuana. It can, however, be extracted from the marijuana plant as well. The content or quality of the Cannabidiol is defined by how accurate the actual contents of the oil are in relation to the advertised quantities. CBD oil may have THC and other chemicals that are found naturally in the cannabis plant. Therefore, you should always check the composition of the CBD oil that you intend to purchase.

CBD has grown famous in the medical world because of its exceptional medicinal qualities and a lack of any side effects since it is extracted from a naturally occurring herb. It helps patients suffering from stress, insomnia, anxiety, and a variety of chronic pains. Patients using the drug have not reported any serious side effects but always check with your doctor if you are on other medications. Moreover, studies and clinical trials have reported positive outcomes for the treatment of cancer symptoms in patients undergoing chemotherapy.

CBD has multiple uses; it can be used to treat patients with chronic pains, and other medical disorders, as well as recreationally – added THC is optional. In most states, you can get over the counter CBD without any prescription; however, you will need a prescription if you are looking for THC content higher than 0.3%. It can be smoked as vapors using e-cigarettes, applied on the skin using tinctures, or chewed in the form of gummy bears. It can also be mixed and infused with any kind of food or drink.

You can get CBD oil and its derivatives from several retail stores and online shops across the country. Retail stores and brand chains that specialize in CBD products are popping up fast on the map due to its growing attraction and demand. You can go to a store to enjoy the environment or order it home from an online store. However, make sure that you take products from a reliable supplier as the Cannabidiol market is new and filled with counterfeit products.


What does CBD feel like?

Since CBD is a relatively new and untested product in the market, people wonder what it feels like. Does the drug give you a high, or gets you stoned? The answer to that is in the negative. THC is the chemical that is responsible for making you high and giving euphoric feelings in the process. With CBD, the only thing you feel is a complete loss of anxiety and insomnia. It does not make you feel different, happy, or elated in any way.

Side effects of CBD might include a resurfacing of the happy feelings and calm that were previously crushed under the weight of anxiety and worry. Therefore, CBD can be labeled as an intoxicant of any kind. It is a magic drug that will leave you less anxious and worried. The loss of anxiousness might make you feel happy or elated, but that’s just your internal feelings. One thing that Cannabidiol surely does is makes you sleep better. Furthermore, when you wake up, you don’t feel tired or sedated, but fresh and rejuvenated.


How long does Cannabidiol stay in your system?

How long CBD stays in our system depends on a variety of factors, but typically it can stay from two to five days in the system. The relaxing and calming effect of CBD chemicals usually does not last for more than a few hours, but it can stay in your system is minute amounts for more extended periods.

Although this shouldn’t be a concern, drug tests do not look for Cannabidiol chemicals, but instead, they look for THC based compounds. If you are worried about a drug test at work, make sure that you take CBD products with a THC content of less than 0.3%, as it would not show up on a test.

Every person has a different metabolic rate, and it depends on how fast the CBD is processed through the body. If you took it on a full stomach, it would take longer to metabolize and stay in your system longer than if you had taken it on an empty stomach.


How CBD Flower Sampler helps you identify your CBD strain?

With the CBD industry progressing through leaps and bounds, product design and consumer satisfaction are the keys to success. CBD Flower samplers are the latest tools that the CBD industry is using to test their unique strains of hemp plants with customer reviews. A variety of different hemp flower samples are packaged into a single product, called the CBD flower sampler. A single sample may contain 5 or more types of hemp flowers, each with an entirely different CBD concentration.

The hemp industry is growing and experimenting on many different hemp strains, and the flower samplers provide a great solution. The companies can test which strains provide the best response from customers so they can work on improving those specific attributes. While the customers can enjoy a wide variety of hemp flowers at promotional rates. Companies are adding new strains every month to their samplers to keep the CBD community peeked and excited. CBD flower sampler packs are available online and in stores.


What are the differences between CBG vs CBD    

CBD and CBG are two very closely related chemicals found in the hemp plant. Cannabidiol is present in large quantities in the hemp flower, but CBD is found only in a trace amount of 1% or less. Cannabigerol (CBG) has similar properties like that of CBD in terms of relaxing and calming effects. Studies and clinical trials have shown promising results that CBG interacts with animals’ brain receptors to influence the sensations of pain and heat sensitivity.

Moreover, CBG has shown promising results in regulating blood pressure, reducing joint and muscle inflammation, while also showing signs of being anti-bacterial. It is also believed to play a part in reducing the proliferation of cancerous cells. Like CBD, CBG is non-psychoactive, meaning that you won’t get high when taking it.

However, it is worth mentioning that CBG is a relatively newly discovered chemical as it is vastly untested, and there are no known sources that produce high quantities of CBG.


Cannabidiol can improve your sleep? We think it can!

Research and studies have concluded that CBD can improve sleep by addressing some of the core reasons for insomnia. CBD directly affects an individual’s endocannabinoid system, which is the signaling system of a human body that controls biological processes such as pain management, sleep cycles, immune response, appetite, etc. The interaction of CBD for sleep with this system helps improve sleep and mood.

There are different ways to take CBD for sleep, including vaping concentrate, oil, tinctures, pills, gummies, and capsules. Its dosage differs from person to person; however, it is recommended to start with a low dosage and gradually increasing it to the required level. Cannabidiol is generally safe treatment; nevertheless, you may experience some side effects, including fatigue, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and weight.


CBD products that you might have never heard of: The CBD Honey Sticks       

CBD honey sticks are made from two primary ingredients; honey and CBD extract. Honey is a potent, naturally occurring substance with time-tested medicinal properties as it helps alleviate coughs, fevers, and allergies. Honey is also a powerful antioxidant and a natural cleansing agent. These are delicious sticks of natural honey that are infused with CBD oils to deliver the perfect mix of health and calm to the consumer.

CBD Honey sticks are designed as ready-to-eat snacks and are available in compact packaging that can be taken on a run or a hike. You can even put some in your purse or pockets, eating them along the way. CBD honey sticks also go great with other foods and snacks. They will add a sweet flavor to whichever food item you add it in. They also go well with tea and biscuits.

Each CBD honey stick contains around 10mg of CBD, so take the sticks according to your tolerance.


The new vaping CBD Vape Additive    

CBD vape additive is for people who are already vaping but with non-CBD products. Vape additives are CBD products that are specially made to add CBD components to your favorite non-CBD vaping flavors. Although the CBD industry is investing a lot in making new vape flavors, traditional vape users might want to stick to their original flavors. 

CBD vape additives can be added to any vape flavor. Remarkably, it does not change any feature of that flavor, and you will experience the same old flavor with the additive effects of CBD. The additive can be mixed with the flavor of vape pens, e-cigarettes, or specially designed CBD vape kits.

CBD vape additives are flavorless, but they usually come in three different categories; CBD-isolate Vape additive, CBD Full spectrum Vape additive, and broad-spectrum CBD additives. The broad-spectrum additive contains more chemical than the full spectrum as it adds a variety of naturally occurring CBD related chemicals to give a unique experience to its users.


What about CBD Cigarettes?

Unlike regular cigarettes, CBD cigarettes use hemp as a replacement for tobacco. Smoking CBD cigarettes is one of the most effective ways of using cannabinoids effectively. CBD can be incorporated in a cigarette in different ways; one way of doing it is to the role a joint made from hemp or get a pre-rolled CBD cigarette from a reputed CBD company.

CBD cigarettes can also be made from mixing powdered CBD flowers with tobacco if you are into that kind of thing. Smoking cigarettes infused with CBD products help regulate sleep, anxiety, appetite, mood, and focus. Choosing the right type of CBD cigarette is very important, keeping in view health safety issues and its effectiveness.

Some of the companies use synthetic additives instead of hemp flowers, thereby increasing health safety issues. Studies show that using CBD cigarettes might help people in quitting addiction and smoking. Besides buying cigarettes from local shops, you can also buy them online.   


Which brands can be trusted to buy CBD from?

Now that you know more about Cannabidiol (CBD), you should also know which brands supply quality CBD products. With demand for CBD products skyrocketing, new players are joining the CBD industry in packs, hoping to ride the wave before the major pharmaceutical companies take over. This explosive rise in demand and the fact that more and more countries are legalizing the products and manufacturing CBD could create a dangerous situation. Dangerous situations in which you are exposed to bad products, high prices, and misinformation about CBD products.

That is why we decided to provide you with researched information about companies that produce Cannabidiol and their products. We researched the top 20 best CBD producers that we believe are worth paying attention to. In addition, we based our research on facts and how the companies are perceived by the CBD community.


1. Garden of Life CBD

Garden of Life CBD is a company based in Oregon that has quickly built up an excellent reputation for itself in the Cannabidiol Industry. The company provides the highest quality CBD products to its customers by extensively testing their products. Its products are certified by Labdoor, making them the only company in the industry to introduce THC free certified products.

Garden of life CBD has introduced a wide range of Cannabidiol products using whole hemp flowers, which are gluten-free and non-GMO. The method of extraction used by Garden of Life is free from chemicals or any solvent residues, leaving their products with the purest quality.

The company grows hemp at their own farms in Oregon, one of the most fertile lands for hemp production. Dr formulated CBD formula line is one of the company’s best performing product lines. These include Dr Formulated whole hemp extract liquids, stress relief liquid, Cannabidiol-infused Inflammatory response, Sleep, Youthful skin, Dr Formulated CBD Petcare, CBD + Turmeric, etc.


2. USA CBD Expo

USA CBD Expo is the sole and one of the largest organizers of CBD / hemp events in the USA. It is striving to bring the best CBD / hemp products under one roof. USA CBD Expo is one of the most significant events attracting a plethora of CBD / hemp vendors, speakers, brands, and customers at a single platform. It brings all the stakeholders under one roof, allowing investors to meet potential businesses and customers to voice their demands or show their interests. It is a great spectacle to witness all the hemp-lovers huddled together in the Expo.

The dedicated team of USA CBD Expo specializes in organizing CBD and hemp events. It provides an opportunity for the people to learn and experience an ever-growing CBD and hemp industry. The main highlights of the event include the availability of a considerable number of free samples, Networking, and award ceremony, exclusive shows, speaker sessions, and panels. 


3. CBD Oil Amazon

If you are looking for CBD oil on Amazon, you should know that a large variety of these oils are available there. Ever since the U.S. Federation made it legal to produce, use, and consume CBD or hemp-based products, there has been a massive influx of CBD-based enterprises to Amazon’s online market.

Amazon’s online space is the largest e-commerce market in the United States, with practically no hurdles for sellers to enter the market. Amazon has made buying of CBD products online very convenient, and they also provide free shipping with their products.

However, one must be extremely careful when buying consumable off Amazon. The market is filled with counterfeit CBD products that will either have other chemicals such as THC or might not have any Cannabidiol at all. Make sure that you always purchase online from a reputed company after reading their reviews.


4. CBD Medic

CBD Medic provides various pain relief and skincare products that are non-psychoactive and THC free. Their primary focus is on the betterment of human life through CBD-based anxiety and pain relief. Their products contain a combination of pharmaceutical elements mixed with CBD isolate – Which is the THC free part of CBD oil – and other natural ointments. Cannabidiol interacts with the brain’s pain receptors to mitigate recurring pain in patients. It is useful for both nerve and musculoskeletal pains. 

CBD Medic’s pain relief products are best utilized to cure sports-related joint or muscle pain, back and neck pain, foot and arthritis-related pain, stiffness and swelling, muscle, and joint pain.

In contrast, Skincare products are used to treat acne blemishes, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, irritated, itchy skin, and rash. CBD Medic products are available all over the USA on select CVS and different pharmacies. These products can also be purchased online.


5. Hempzilla CBD Pods

Hempzilla is one of the companies that deal in high-quality CBD products at a reasonable price. Its products are available at health stores and can also be purchased online through Hempzilla’s website. Their products contain high quantities of Cannabidiol compounds that are carefully extracted and refined to ensure high purity.

Hempzilla grows hemp on their own farms under the supervision of the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Hempzilla CBD pods, or Zilla Pods as they are famously known, are Juul compatible pods that can be vaped easily and anywhere. The pods are available in six different flavors that taste just as they are advertised. Each pack comes with 2 pods with six months guarantee and costs around $20.

Zilla pods contain 300 mg CBD that can be vaped through your existing Juul compatible device. It has no nicotine and is non-psychoactive. Hempzilla CBD pods are the most refreshing and fastest way of taking Cannabidiol on the go. To have the best vaping experience, try different flavors.


6. CBD Gummies Amazon

CBD gummies are tasty little treats in the form of gummy bears infused with CBD isolate or full-spectrum CBD extract. The best way to take Cannabidiol is in the edible form, and you can carry these mini treats in your pockets if you wanted to.

CBD Gummies on Amazon are available from a variety of suppliers and in hundreds of flavors. They are used by people to treat and prevent several health issues or to simply relax and chill. CBD gummies consist of CBD oil extracted from hemp plants and purified to remove intoxicant and psychoactive components.

CBD gummies are organic and, therefore, safe to use. Amazon offers CBD Gummies in the form of hemp gummies, which are basically Cannabidiol gummies at a reasonable price. It is recommended to buy the product of the company that conducts third-party lab tests.      


7. Eclipse CBD

Eclipse CBD produces CBD products that are non-psychoactive and do not contain tetrahydrocannabinol (less than 0.3 %). The hemp used in the products is grown in the USA, whereas CBD is extracted using CO2 and ethanol. CO2 extraction is used to yank all the essential chemicals and cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This is a faster and cleaner process that reduces the number of impurities present in Oil.

All the products of Eclipse are third party lab tested, ensuring health safety. The products produced by Eclipse CBD include CBD tinctures (isolate and full spectrum), CBD vapes, and assorted CBD gummies. Eclipse products are easily accessible and are reasonably priced.


8. Nuleaf CBD Oil

Nuleaf Naturals is one of the largest CBD goods manufacturers and distributors in the United States, with its products being delivered to more than 1600 stores nationwide. It was ranked among the fastest-growing businesses in America, capitalizing purely on Cannabidiol products.

The FDA does not have the capacity to test Cannabidiol products in their labs yet. So, the Nuleaf CBD oil, which is one of the highest quality CBD oils produced in the states, is verified and tested with the help of independent 3rd party labs.

Nuleaf offers full-spectrum cannabinoid oil to its customers, which is different from pure CBD oil that only contains cannabidiol. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all the ingredients in the hemp plant. Nuleaf Naturals believe that the full spectrum of chemicals from the hemp plant is more beneficial than individually extracted components.


9. Kroger CBD

Kroger is one of the largest retail store chains in America, with over 3000 stores in multiple locations across America. Recently, Kroger CBD products were in the news because the largest retailer had made a deal with CBD distributors to supply stores with CBD products. Kroger now sells different kinds of hemp-derived CBD products like oils, tinctures, and gummies, etc. It is now selling in 17 states, but it plans to expand the reach as soon the relevant state legislatures make it legal.

The most recent state that Kroger added to its Cannabidiol-friendly list was Texas, which legalized all CBD-based products with a THC content of less than 0.3%. This opens the CBD market to tremendous opportunities as producers and manufacturers can deliver considerable quantities to large supermarkets instead of finding CBD-only stores. It also promotes healthy competition in the market where manufacturers will need to research and develop their CBD products to differentiate them from the rest.


10. Black Tie CBD

Black Tie is a company based in Oregon that specializes in CBD products. They grow all their hemp in the Umpqua River valley, and they grow their indigenous strains of hemp with varying properties and effects. They have very catchy names for their hemp strains—the most famous among them being the Amnesia Haze, the Blueberry pie, and the Candyland.

In addition to selling the usual Cannabidiol products like Oils, tinctures, and chewable, Black Tie CBD sells its hemp plants in a powdered form that can be smoked as it is or mixed with tobacco. They are very secretive about their hemp strain chemistry and the process of extraction.

Moreover, Black Tie sells third-party CBD products as well as their own on the website. They have a strict no-refund policy in case the package was tampered with. So, you can’t order their products on a trial basis.  If you tamper with the packaging, they won’t take it back.


11. CBD Oil Walmart

The CBD industry is growing fast, and it has immense retail sales potential, with the country’s largest retailers showing signs to incorporate CBD products on their shelves. Walmart’s Stock jumped by an approximate 3% when it is announced that it was reviewing putting Cannabidiol items in its Canadian stores.

As of now, Walmart is stocking a limited range of CBD products for both human and animal use in its supermarkets. Walmart’s CBD oil and its derivatives are only obtained from trusted suppliers that provide detailed lab results of their products. The selective CDB policy of Walmart ensures that they have only the best quality CBD items, but it also narrows their range of products.

Currently, Walmart is stocking CBD oil, tinctures, gummies, etc. in stores from a limited number of companies that meet its standard.


12. Rethink CBD

ReThink CBD is a company specializing in animal CBD products and the usual human-oriented CBD products. They provide specially made CBD shampoos for pets that not only gives them a healthy coat but also calms them down through CBD chemicals in their products. Their animal-care products include skin & coat treatment solutions, CBD oil sprays for your pets, and delicious doggy treats infused with CBD oils.

They also offer a wide range of traditional CBD products like CBD hemp oil, topicals, capsules, breath fresheners, skin & beauty care products, shots, and gummies. Rethink CBD is an innovative brand that invests a lot in research and development of their products and offers out of the box solutions for growing customer needs.

Currently, they are offering a massive 30% promotion on the purchase of pet-related Cannabidiol products.


13. CBD Distillate

CBD distillate is obtained from refining CBD biomass and hemp flowers. It refers to a highly concentrated solution containing about 80% CBD. The remaining percentage is made up of other chemicals found in the hemp plant. These chemicals are present in minute quantities, and they do not affect the purity of CBD oils.

However, CBD distillate can be further refined into CBD crystals that are made up of 99.5% CBD. 1 kg CBD distillate is available in the market for about $3000. The price charged per kg decreases when you are buying in larger quantities, so if you are a regular user of CBD, it is a good idea to buy in larger quantities rather than less.

CBD distillate is available in full-spectrum and THC free solutions; the full spectrum contains all the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant, while THC free solutions advertise 0% THC in the product.


14. ElleVet CBD oil

ElleVet Sciences is a company that specializes in making Cannabidiol and Hemp based products for pets. Their motto is to elevate the life quality of pets by providing them with safe, effective hemp products.

ElleVet CBD oil can help relieve chronic pains in your pets and the harmful effects of disease like joint-stiffness and loss of mobility. It soothes the animals when they are feeling anxious or worried, like when traveling or meeting some new people. ElleVet CBD products help regulate the mood and temperament of your pet by relaxing and calming them.

The company has high scientific standards publishing all the test results and lab reports of their products on their site, in addition to other information like clinical trial results. ElleVet has acquired the service of several experienced veterinarians that help them improve pet life standards. Their CBD products are available in the form of Oil, spray, cream, and chewable for pets.


15. CBD Lion

CBD lion is a wholesale company that prides itself on providing high quality, high-grade CBD products to its customers. According to them, they have the most extensive range of lab testing and scientific research on CBD products that allows them to maintain their high-quality standards. Their products are tested in an ISO 7 certified lab, and the test results are available online through QR codes on the products.

They provide both medicinal and recreational CBD products; their full-spectrum CBD products are best for recreational use, while the THC free products will do wonders for a patient. They have CBD tinctures, CBD gummies, CBD lotions, and powdered hemp flowers, among other CBD products. They offer free shopping inside the U.S. and provide 24/7 online support for their customers on the website. CBD Lion has a unique and useful store locator feature that allows you to find nearby stores stocking CBD Lion products.


16. Plain Jane CBD

If you are looking for the most excellent quality of pre-rolled hemp joints, then you must try Plain Jane’s CBD products. Their specialty is pre-rolled joints made with indigenously grown strains of hemp flowers that are unique only too plain jane.

Plain jane CBD was the first to introduce pre-rolled low-smell Cannabidiol cigarettes; their low-smell cigarettes are made by removing the hemp fragrance from the extract so that the tobacco-free cigarettes odorless. They have been reviewed positively several times on review sites because of their exceptional quality. Plain jane grows its CBD flowers in close collaboration with hemp farms in Southern Oregon. They work with 15 farms in Southern Oregon, and they have separate small indoor farms for genetic testing of new strains of the plant. Their prices are slightly higher than other competitors in the market, but they offer such a premium because of their high-quality products and strains of hemp unique to this company.



Avida CBD is a relatively new entrant into the CBD business, but it has quickly grown to become a well-known brand within the CBD community. They have positioned their products in the market with the help of quality positioning at affordable prices.

Avida CBD uses 3rd party lab-testing to ensure the quality and content of their products and results of the testing for each product is available to the public on their website. They provide broad-spectrum CBD oils, tincture, gummies, and vapes, as well as CBD-isolate products that do not contain any THC.

They specialize in the best vape juice flavors in the market. The most famous among them are Blue Razz, Berry grape, Mango Mango, and flavorless. Moreover, Avida has recently become more competitive by lowering their prices to almost half on some of their products and through promotional campaign offering sales on most of the items in the inventory.


18. Sunset CBD

Sunset CBD is a company that focuses mainly on providing the best pain relief solutions to its customers through innovation and research. Their most popular item is the Ultra Strength Sunset Pain relief cream that can be applied directly to the affected area of the body to provide instant relief. In addition to providing instant relief from physical pain, the CBD products in the cream transfuse inside blood vessels through the skin, and lessen anxiety and depression.

A person suffering from chronic pain will feel anxious and depressed most of the time due to the pain’s recurring nature. Sunset CBD’s revolutionary pain relief cream not only lifts the physical aspect of the pain but also improves its psychological aspect.

Sunset CBD provides a special menstruation pain relief cream for women that can be easily applied to the skin. Sunset CBD also manufactures other CBD products like oils, tinctures, vape flavors, and gummies.  

Funky Farms CBD is based in Boca Raton, FL. They are a new entrant to the Cannabidiol industry, but they have quickly established themselves in the ranks of well-reputed CBD producers. Funky Farms CBD grow and harvest their own hemp crops where they can be monitored under a standardized system that ensures consistent quality. Keeping a consistent quality and providing unique solutions to their customers is the hallmark of Funky Farms CBD products.

Their products are 3rd party lab-tested, and the results are conveniently available for the customers to review. They provide medicinal as well as recreational products for customers. Still, the prime focus is on improving people’s quality of life who are suffering from acute and chronic physical and mental illnesses.

Funky Farms CBD is very active when it comes to launching new products; their newest line of unique natural vape extracts include Natural, GrandDaddy Express, and Pineapple Express flavors. A 600mg 1ml vape cartridge is available from $59.99.


19. Get to Know CBD Plus, USA

CBD Plus USA’s motto is to serve its community through CBD products and raise awareness of the benefits of this product across the country. It focuses on providing natural relief to people from naturally grown ingredients. CBD Plus USA is more of a brand than a producer and manufacturer of CBD products. Although they grow and extract their own CBD products, they distinguish themselves from the competition by maintaining CBD plus stores in over 80 locations around the states.

CBD Plus USA stores are owned and managed by local business owners after the franchising process is complete. Their highly trained sales staff provides customers with guidance and in-depth information about the products to make an informed decision. Other companies will sell you anything you want, but CBD Plus USA will make sure that you choose the right product.

Lab test results are available on their site for each product that is offered through the company as the quality is of paramount importance to their customers.


20. CBD Oil NC

North Carolina is among the states that have stringent anti-drug and marijuana laws. Even carrying small amounts of illegal substances will get you into serious trouble. The situation changed in 2014 when the story of a girl with epilepsy emerged on the internet. CBD products helped the little girl achieve more control over her life and actions.

In 2015, the NC legislature passed the Epilepsy Alternative Treatment Act making CBD products legal for medicinal use with only trace amounts of THC in CBD oil. NC allows the sale and purchase of CBD products only with a doctor’s prescription, and doctors only prescribe medicines and drugs approved by the FDA. So, the legality of CBD is still very tricky in North Carolina, and one must be careful when using products with CBD.

On the other hand, shops and stores are selling CBD products, which is mostly available because of the confusion with the state and federal law.


Why you should not just buy CBD but also invest in CBD stock!  

CBD is the fastest growing industry in the USA nowadays. Due to its use in treating various diseases and having gained legal status in the USA, the Cannabidiol industry has become very attractive to investors. Demand is also on the rise day by day. A survey conducted in the USA shows that CBD is generally popular among all ages.

With the booming industry, CBD stocks are also skyrocketing. Investors are investing in CBD stocks, which is continuously driving the stock price upwards. The most successful CBD stocks include Charlotte’s web holdings, Curaleaf holdings, CV Sciences, Elixinol, and Green Growth Brands.

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  1. Rethink CBD is a great company and besides offering very high quality items they also have promotions often so keep an eye on them. You can get 30% of more on all sorts of products and they are well worth their full price not to mention discounted.

  2. Guys, give Eclipse CBD a try as well. They offer good products at competitive prices from what I saw. I’ve ordered from them and they seem to have good deals on good products. Give their CBd vapes and gummies a try 😉

  3. OMG! Rethink CBD has helped my scared dog become a dog I never even imagined he could be! Imagine a dog that is scared of leaves, bags, all sorts of sounds, cats, other dogs, and so on. This was Maya. Soon after taking some treats from them she started acting “weird”. She wasn’t as scared as before. For me, who was used to how she was before, this was very strange. I thought she was sick or something. A few more days passed and she started acting like a “normal” dog. She even interacted with a dog in the park! This was huge for her!

    To anyone who has a dog that is like this, please try their treats and other products! She loves their dog treats and their hemp CBD oil that makes her coat shine and has alleviated a pain in her leg.

    • Hi Amalia,

      Thank you for reading and commenting on our blog posts. We are a big fan of CBD products, very nice to see you are enjoying the benefits of CBD too.
      Hope it continues to help you out and your dog too!

      Kind regards,

    • Amalia, just wanted to say THANK YOU! I read your personal story with you dear Maya and I decided to give Rethink CBD a go. I tried their treats and my little Lisa absolutely adores them now! She keeps begging for more and the best part is that is so much more relaxed when we go outside. She interacts with other dogs in ways she never did before.

      • Yeah, CBD in general and CBD from Rethink in particular is great for dogs and cats. It will relax them so they can actually enjoy walks and not be scared of loud noises or other animals. My dog has been on CBD for over a year and he’s very different from how he has before. Playful, relaxed, confident and calm.

  4. I haven’t heard of almost any of the companies you talked about except for Hempzilla and Rethink CBD or Garden of Life. Rethink is my go to store when I want something for my dogs or cat. Their products are fantastic. My pets are more relaxed now then they have ever been. Hempzilla offers good products at decent prices. If I were new, I would check them out. They don’t make the best CBD products but their quality is very high compared to their pricing.

    • Hi Rina,

      Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.
      Also great to read that we told you something new in this article, hope it helps you find the right CBD products for your need.

      Kind regards,

    • I got my first order from Hempzilla and I am happy with it. Got here a bit earlier than expected which is very cool considering nowadays there are delays with orders. The products I got are very nice and my dogs are loving them!

  5. I can attest that Garden of Life CBD is very good. I’ve been a client of theirs for some time now and anything I got from them was top-notch. Whole hemp extracts, CBD for my pets, everything was good. My dog seems to be in love with their CBD pet liquid drops!

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thanks for your comment, we appreciate it!
      Good to read you using CBD for your pets, hope it helps!

      Kind regards,

  6. Your post is spot on for me. Glad I found it today and not later. I want to buy my first ever CBD product and I am in the process of finding a good company to buy from. I have heard about fake products or companies that just want to take your money and give you a bad product. I would like to avoid that so I will be looking closely at some of the 20 CBD producers you mentioned in this article. Thank you for taking the time to research them.

    • Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for your kind words about our article about CBD! We hope that you will not experience buying bad CBD products… completely a waste of money!
      We hope your CBD experience will be something you can leave a positive review about.

      Thanks again!

      Kind regards,

  7. How I wish the world progresses more and more people (especially different countries’ legislative bodies) understand the benefits of CBD. The science is there, there have been studies to prove it yet it falls under being considered illegal in a lot of areas. I’m proud of the places that have already permitted its use. But thank you for discussing the most reliable producers out there, that’s just as important.

    • Dear Christian,

      Thank you for your comment, we appreciate you taking the time to read our article.

      Kind regards,

    • Give it 3 years tops and most states will legalize CBD and others like it. It’s becoming more and more clear that CBD helps treat different affections in both animals and humans. Plus it helps relax us and thus it is good for us and should be legal everywhere and there shouldn’t be so many regulations preventing us from enjoying its benefits.

  8. Dangerous situations where we are exposed to bad products are already here. There are plenty of unknown, little companies that sell CBD products which are not of a good quality. Many people don’t do enough research before buying from a site because they don’t consider how easy it is to create a site and sell such products. No one is really keeping a close eye on such sites/businesses and the one that ends up hurting is the customer. A bit of diligence and doing research is needed before buying: reading reviews, looking up the company’s history, comparing products’ ingredients and prices and not just going for the cheapest CBD out there.

  9. YES! Thank you for taking the time to review and list out 20 of the best CBD companies out there right now. I noticed how biased some other blogs are and they only discuss 5 and probably the 5 listed have already paid for a spot to be listed on the blog. I also appreciate how you’ve taken the time to discuss at least the science behind CBD which really a lot of users should at least know the basics of.


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