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About us

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CheckWithReviews is an international review platform that collects genuine opinions and experiences of consumers on the products and services of many companies and businesses worldwide. Think of us as the mouthpiece of past consumers who have paid for the product or service you are about to buy. We offer people the opportunity to relay their experiences through genuine reviews for others to learn.


Why We Do This?

Over the years, the presence of the internet has bridged the gap that divides people from all over the world and has made it possible for businesses to be conducted online without necessarily requiring anyone’s physical presence. 

There is, however, an underlying problem; How can you confirm that what you are about to buy will work for you the way it ought to? How can you be sure that your seller isn’t out to hoodwink you with some unclear “terms and conditions?”

The saying, “Experience is the best teacher” correctly depicts what we do as we bring the experiences of others – the good, the bad, and the ugly – to you. Here, on this platform, you connect with people and see through their eyes the effectiveness, efficiency, and the range of usefulness of the product you are about to order.


The Story Behind Checkwithreviews

Like many other consumers, the founders of this platform had a terrible online buying experience with a company because there was no platform to read reviews about them. The experience, though nasty, became the necessity that birthed the Checkwithreviews invention. This platform collects online reviews from customers to validate the authenticity of online vendors of goods and services. By using the platform, a consumer can avoid and minimize the risks that accompany online buying. At the same time, companies can learn more about the taste of their targeted consumers alongside the overall appreciation and approval of their products or services through this platform.


How We Do it?

On our platform, we collect the views of customers of different products and services they have purchased from companies and shops around the globe. Customers are encouraged to give their unbiased assessment of the timeliness, originality, and delivery of their orders. Expectedly, every product will have its critics, and we want to bring these criticisms to you so you can make decisions for yourself. Keep in mind that we are able to account for spam reviews and that each review is genuine and sure.


How We Deal with Spams

We understand that there is a big possibility that some reviews are not accurate and may be done to downplay the authenticity of the product or service offered. This aberration occasionally occurs, and we understand that if not checked efficiently, it can undermine the aim of this platform.

We, therefore, check for the authenticity of the reviews by tracking reviewers’ IP addresses. Should our algorithm detect any unusual uniformity in IP addresses of reviewers, we remove such opinions and ensure they can no longer comment.  Our goal is to have truthful views of customer experiences so that others can learn.


Our Mission and Vision

Giving everyone the privilege of airing their views on their experiences while shopping online on different platforms is our mission. Through this, we hope that future buyers can make an intelligent choice and get satisfaction for their money. We like to ensure that no one ends up dissatisfied with what they have purchased after viewing all the options provided.

We imagine a world where everyone is satisfied with what they have purchased, a world where anyone could make purchases, and not be disappointed.

Becoming the best platform for authentic reviews of products is our vision. We strive to provide an ecosystem that embraces everyone’s hopes and thoughts on services offered. We equally envision a platform that companies and businesses can rely on for accurate data to upscale their businesses.

No doubt, the journey to realize this dream may be arduous. Yet, we are confident that with you, the ideal customer, we could achieve our set vision. We thank you for deciding to walk this journey with us and hope that you are satisfied even as you leave our site.

Once again, we welcome you to our website. We are glad that you are here and we wish you the best of time as you traverse our site.

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