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Thumbs up!
I hope they expand soon and create other products because what they have now is just awesome. Thumbs...
CBDPure Reviews
Great product and service
I bought their RSHO focus support for my daughter since she started online schooling since our house...
HempMeds PX Reviews
The best
I'm telling you: if you want the best go with Nuleaf Naturals. Check out their full spectrum oil and...
Nuleaf Naturals Reviews
I like their capsules best
I've tested their NuLeaf Naturals full spectrum CBD oil and it was the bomb. Then I got their capsul...
Nuleaf Naturals Reviews
CBDPure is my choice
I didn't understand why CBDPure doesn't do a better job marketing their products. I initially though...
CBDPure Reviews
NuLeaf Naturals products are very good
I bought from Nuleaf Naturals because they are a known brand that didn't receive any FDA warning let...
Nuleaf Naturals Reviews
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Broad-spectrum CBD
Always check a company's lab reports before buying cbd products. This industry is drastically regula...
Calm By Wellness Reviews
One of the best
One of the best (and probably the best one) online banks available today. There are plenty of ATMs i...
N26 Reviews
Fast EU shipping even for fragile parcels
We’re currently remodeling our living room and open kitchen area so we decided to opt for statement ...
Finnish Design Shop Reviews
Amazing range of products
I caved and bought an amazing lamp from them, being drawn in by their free EU shipping if you order ...
Finnish Design Shop Reviews
5 stars
I've tested a few other similar services and the XE money transfer service is the best. Every time I...
XE Money Transfer Reviews
This is my happy place
Most of their products have a minimalist approach - muted colors, simple, organic lines - which I ab...
Finnish Design Shop Reviews
10 stars!
Great phone support, that actually speaks great English! Their service is of high quality every sing...
Super Cheap Signs Reviews
Techtrade has an awesome support staff!
Their customer support is very good. I have had a few issues with some of the orders I got from them...
TechTrade Reviews
My go to store for dog products
A friend recommended Budgetvetcare but I have to admit I was afraid I might get scammed and get coun...
BudgetVetCare Reviews
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Fast, friendly and cheap
A friendly, fast and cheap service. Whenever I need something done in a hurry I go to them.
Super Cheap Signs Reviews
Collin is great
I have been using for a few months to send money from the UK to countries like South Africa, ...
XE Money Transfer Reviews
No problems whatsoever with Techtrade
Is tech trade legit? I used to ask myself this and now I know they are. Techtrade is a good company....
TechTrade Reviews
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Dominic J.
XE money transfer service works well
XE works very well. Never had any issues with them and I've been doing business with them for years....
XE Money Transfer Reviews
Best priced dog supplies at Budgetvetcare
These guys always have decent promotions and packages. This is where we stock up for our chocolate l...
BudgetVetCare Reviews
HonestLoans is great
HonestLoans is great because it works fairly fast if you meet their criteria. And their requirements...
Honest Loans Reviews
The Finnish Design Shop has AMAZING PIECES!
This will be a finnish design shop review that will make you spend, spend spend (cue corny 80’s sale...
Finnish Design Shop Reviews
Super cheap signs is a very good company
Supercheapsigns is a very good company considering all the dealings I have had with them. They have ...
Super Cheap Signs Reviews
Budget vet care always delivers
I’ve bought a ton of products from these guys and they never disappointed me. My dog has joint probl...
BudgetVetCare Reviews
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Huawei P40 Pro
Just received my Huawei P40 Pro, really a beautiful device! Despite not having access to Google serv...
HUAWEI Reviews
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R. H. M
N26 is an aweseom free online bank!
Another great free solution for starting entrepreneurs! N26 allows you to create smart spaces which ...
N26 Reviews
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R. H. M
Free TransferWise account is the best!
I needed a free online bank account for my business and I am so happy that I found TransferWise. I a...
TransferWise Reviews
Bigger prices but the quality is there
I buy my CBD from a few stores, one of the being NuLeaf Naturals. They are among my faves, with thei...
Nuleaf Naturals Reviews
Refunded but took a long time
Hey Tom, you were one of the lucky ones to get your money back so quickly. I envy you. It took 2 mon...
Roomdi Reviews
They are good, but phone support sucks
I used Roomdi multiple times, before and after the pandemic started. Before they were a 5+ star comp...
Roomdi Reviews
It takes forever to get your order
If you’re not in a rush then this is no problem. But if you notice you’re fresh out of Frontline tha...
BudgetVetCare Reviews
1 person found this helpful
Amazing prices, small product selection
I’ve ordered from them after seeing an ad popup and checking some of the reviews a...
BudgetVetCare Reviews
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Delayed shipping due to the pandemic
Yes, this was a huge issue for us, it took more than 30 days to get our order shipped to Australia. ...
Finnish Design Shop Reviews
Above average quality
Nothing too fancy but not bad either. They need to work on their customer service a little bit and b...
Super Cheap Signs Reviews
Usually works fast
I usually don't have problems using them but last time it took a bit before the money showed up. I t...
XE Money Transfer Reviews
Techtrade is almost perfect
I have gotten a few products from them and most were very good. Had problems with a mouse and a keyb...
TechTrade Reviews
4 stars for Techtrade
I bought a laptop from them and I had the unpleasant surprise to see it was damaged (most likely via...
TechTrade Reviews
Zero Sugar
It’s ok
It’s ok. Nothing to write home about but if you want something ok for the price. You won’t get top q...
Milanoo Reviews
Hit or miss
My first order was never dispatched despite getting an email saying so but they refunded me within a...
Zaful Reviews
Their exchange rate is not the best
Their exchange rate margin is not the best for users. Not the worst either but I've seen better in a...
XE Money Transfer Reviews
Could be better
Had problems and this is the first time I have used their money transfer service so I will give them...
XE Money Transfer Reviews
Takes long for them to fix things
Seems like a legitimate company but COVID-19 and a lack of good communication are making things look...
Roomdi Reviews
Check your lender!
The bad thing about HonestLoans and this is not something the regular Joe knows (I didn't) is that H...
Honest Loans Reviews
Roomdi could be much better
I don't know what's going on with them. Read some Roomdi reviews and many people seem to be having p...
Roomdi Reviews
Got the wrong product!!!
This is unheard of! Horrible customer support! They only get two stars because they have a huge prod...
HomeSquare Reviews
Not answering their phones!
Why are they not answering their phones? I have been ringing them for 5+ times daily for the past we...
Roomdi Reviews
Service is not very helpful at weeding out bad lenders
You need to shop around and see what kind of lender you're getting. It could turn out to be a very b...
Honest Loans Reviews
Bad experience
I agree with everything you've said, Joanne. Unfortunately I didn't know a lot of this before going ...
Honest Loans Reviews
Horrible customer support!
Revolut works great until you need to get in touch with them. Unreliable and untrustworthy, a clear ...
Revolut Reviews
You get what you paid for
You get what you paid for! How true this is for CheapOAir. You will get a very good price for a flig...
CheapOAir reviews
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Such a bad service
Unfortunately Roomdi is such a bad service. If you somehow need a refund they will, believe it or no...
Roomdi Reviews
Here's your voucher, Travelsupermarket!
Why do companies keep offering vouchers instead of refunding our money? I don't get it. If I paid fo...
Travel Supermarket Reviews
Don’t shop at Milanoo!
Where do I even start with Milanoo? They are so bad that you won’t believe it. They don’t care about...
Milanoo Reviews
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Wish I could give them zero stars
I basically paid $300 for a crappy bunk bed that I have to throw away. The pieces don’t fit properly...
HomeSquare Reviews
scam scam scam
Homesquare is a huge scam, plain and simple. When you’re selling a product it’s implied to offer cus...
HomeSquare Reviews
No one is answering the phone!!!
Am I the only one that had a really bad experience with them? The money was sent from the US to Mexi...
XE Money Transfer Reviews
It keep flagging accounts as suspicious
Why do you keep blocking accounts despite showing no history of fraudulent activities? It makes no s...
Revolut Reviews
They are thief by all means
I can't trust this company at all. It seems all their agents are professional trained to lie and mis...
CheapOAir reviews
Yes, they have cool pieces but if you’re unlucky and receive the wrong product say goodbye to a refu...
HomeSquare Reviews
Their loss
Went to their place and wasn't well received at all. It was like the lady there didn't want to make ...
Super Cheap Signs Reviews
Don’t order from Homesquare
After reading through tens and tens of homesquare reviews it seems my case wasn’t an one off occurre...
HomeSquare Reviews
Never again!
I get it, they have automated suspensions to keep suspicious at bay. But WHY don’t they review them ...
Revolut Reviews
No customer service
How on earth am I supposed to get in touch with these guys? The desk we got arrived horribly chipped...
HomeSquare Reviews
We’ve ordered 4 bar stools and we had to wait a whole lot more than 48 hours for our order, it took ...
HomeSquare Reviews
DJ Hering
Rip Off with CheapOAir!
I would never use this company again! Don't even think about it!!!!!! Booked a flight for my first...
CheapOAir reviews
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CheckWithReviews is an international platform that focuses on collecting honest and real reviews from consumers from all over the world. 

We believe that the customer’s voice should be heard, so we started an objective and independent review platform, where you can find and share honest reviews about companies, services, and products worldwide.

The internet has brought the world closer than ever before, and many companies are moving their presence online. But this migration, too, has some setbacks as fake and mushroom businesses also take advantage of the internet space to dupe people. However, with online reviews, the rate of this infraction will significantly reduce.

No matter the company you have in mind, once they have a website, are genuine, and offer services to people, you can expect to see reviews of their products on this platform.

Apart from affording you the opportunity of reading first-hand consumers’ experience about companies, we also provide useful information such as return policy, delivery time, contact information, guarantees & promises, and a brief history of all the companies listed on our platform. By doing this, we hope you would have an all-round view of their services.

Some review websites may allow spamming, but not ours. We work tirelessly to ensure that comments posted on this platform by users are genuine and proceed from people who have had an experience with the firm in question. Our algorithms can detect spurious comments from faceless reviewers. And once we investigate and discover that a review is fake, we immediately remove such.

As our users are from various countries and continents, we do not discriminate on any basis, and we regularly update the list of companies on our platform to accommodate as many as possible. 

We encourage customers who have opinions to share about any company not to refrain from doing so as it may constitute a disservice not just to future clients but even to the company. Honest assessments through reviews help business owners to tie their loose ends and up their game.

Being a global review website, we admit that we might forget to enlist some companies. Where and if such occurs, we welcome an indication of interest from such companies, and we will act accordingly.

Consumers and companies gain immensely from online reviews, but the highest gain is from the consumers. They know which business is fake and which to patronise. This is what we want to ensure – that no one has reasons to regret a transaction because they didn’t have a platform to read or write online reviews.



It is not only up to companies to promote how great their products are, but it is also up to clients. Clients can express their experience through writing reviews. 

Reading and writing reviews is a psychological trait, part of human nature. 92% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, and 95% of users rely on reviews to learn more about products. 

Consumer reviews are a powerful tool, making them fundamental for large businesses. We understand this fact, and that is why we have created a platform where consumers can express their opinions on goods and services bought.

If everyone who buys from a company would take time to comment on the efficacy or otherwise of their products, it may be possible to eradicate online scams. And for anyone who has benefitted from the generous reviews of others, it is only reasonable that they, too, reciprocate by writing an unbiased review of their experiences on a platform such as this.

Customer reviews put owners of companies on their toes and “force” them to keep doing things right even when it is not convenient for them. Of course, this tempo will ensure that everyone laughs best in the end.

While companies can certainly operate without considering customer reviews, it will be at a high cost. Business owners that have taken their users’ experience with a pinch of salt have now known what great error they have committed. Apart from depriving themselves of the opportunity to maintain a close relationship with their clients, many have lost promising customers who would have helped shape the company’s profit margin.

When companies devote time to treat customer complaints, they are only sowing seeds. The result is an unbending loyalty that even money and the flashiest adverts cannot buy. No doubts, it takes consistency, but everything begins with the decision-makers taking online reviews of their customers seriously.

Customers, too, don’t have to get weary of making known their feelings about a product on review websites. Often, the recency and frequency of claims or commendations from customers are the iron that sharpens the dull edges of companies. But if clients become weary and stop giving feedback, they may unwittingly be encouraging companies in dishing out subpar services and products.

Similarly, would-be customers can avoid falling into ditches that others fell into if they would read; for what use does well-written, accurate, and concise reviews have if no one would read them?



Over 90% of consumers consider online reviews as important as a personal recommendation. On the one hand, consumers are prompted to spend more on a business with an excellent online reputation. On the other hand, consumers hesitate to trust a company with a bad online reputation. 

And because consumers are more on the move than ever, in 2019, mobile devices generated 50% of global website traffic. This is why we believe that having a responsive website is essential to satisfy consumers searching for online reviews on their mobile devices.

We have designed our website such that it appears correctly across different mobile and non-mobile devices such as PCs, tablets, smartphones, desktops, and others. This way, consumers can access and write reviews just about anywhere and at any time.

A responsive website means that visitors can access pages faster and better, just as site owners, too, can enjoy high conversion rates and traffic. For us, we wanted to ensure that people have little to no challenge writing their minds and scanning through pages of reviews to arrive at a logical conclusion about a firm.

From the homepage to different page categories, access is smooth and effortless. Users of mobile phones will have nothing to lose as the layout and images are as clear as those on a desktop or laptop. And because our website is responsive across devices, we can easily carry out maintenance services without disrupting users’experience.

In most cases, we would give at least a 24-hour notice of planned maintenance, and this will not exceed three hours at most. Security is something we also take seriously, even as we may occasionally request some details from users. We generally do not require payment details and some personal information; however, if we do, our visitors can be sure that information is secure with us.

With the many advantages that our multi-channel website offers users, we foresee no hiccup in anyone trying to write or read reviews. But in case something unusual pops up, users can always contact us through our addresses on the “contact us” section. Our website is not only designed by competent hands but also maintained by gurus with human faces and minds.